Daniel Willmott


CEO and Backend developer on Townchat. A way for communities to share information.



CEO and Backend developer on Musiplan. A modern way for private tutors to organise their lessons

It's a secret

Something in the future might go here if all goes to plan.

My Proficiencies

Extensive knowledge in all things web, mobile and server management


Knowledge in Node/JS working on Musiplan with backend/frontend being written in JS

Server management

Knowledge of Apache and hoping to extend my knowledge with research into nginx


Knowledge in containers and container orchestration with Ku


Having worked with Docker/Kurbernets on GCP (GKE), I migrated to using Firebase as my chosen stack for development.


Having written the backend of TownChat in PHP, I gained knowledge in writing APIs with authentication using JWT


Knowledge of the source control system git, along with GitHub/Gitlab.

My hobbies

When I'm not programming, you may see me:

  • CAD modelling
  • Rowing
  • Lighting + Sound design
  • Making Games (Unreal Engine and wanting to learn Unity)
  • Sailing
  • Playing Violin
  • 3D printing

What I want to learn

Outside of school, I want to be able to have the time to learn:

  • Unity
  • Svelte
  • Vue.js
  • More Unreal Engine
  • Quantum Computing
  • Further knowledge into AI